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Que dice la Izquierda?“It`s a Wonderful World?” PART I: Collapse of Democracy,Triumph of Dictatorship

“It`s a Wonderful World?” PART I: The Collapse of Democracy and the Triumph of Dictatorship

Por Carlos Petroni Copyedited by Abigail Martin and Christian Korp

Imperialist countries like the US are still going to wars with the lie of defending “democracy.” Others will repeat this mantra often enough as to create a “public opinion” in a handful of countries about the existence and progression of their bourgeois democracy.

On a global scale, a simple observation of the state of affairs paints a much different scenario: after more than 150-year long run, bourgeois democracy has failed completely. The majority of the world population lives under one form of dictatorship or another and those still proclaiming its permanence have made it look like a caricature. This is a portion of the information we gathered in preparation of The Transitional Program 2—a major theoretical and political document.

More than half of the world’s populations are concentrated in around fifty countries. Governed by dictatorships with one or no-party regimes, these states allow only official press, dissident political activity is prohibited, and enact often-violent suppression of all opposition, whether from political organizations, social groups, or trade unions. These are military dictatorships, one-party states, theocratic governments, caliphates, or absolute monarchies.

The Collapse of Bourgeois Democracy

The most notable due to the size of their populations under such dictatorships, although, far from the only cases, include China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, Thailand, Congo, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Angola, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Belarus, Syria, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates…

Save for a few places where they think it to be possible to export it through the force of their arms, the capitals of the United States and Europe speak of the world as though democracy reigns everywhere.

Even as their campaigns of bombing and collateral damage return village after village to Stone Age conditions, no other solution occurs to these crusaders of democracy.

Moreover, those countries where democracy allegedly reigns, the tendency is towards the systematic and progressive degradation of bourgeois democracy. In addition, they impose both overt and covert dictatorships by way of increasingly authoritarian and presidentialist governments driven and guided by the whim of capital, where the participation of large majorities is disabled, co-opted, or debased by the political system.

Regimes with electoral rules that prohibit the participation of forces opposed to the existing government or regime, introduce increasingly punitive criminal codes. They curtail democratic and human rights, increase the size and deployment of the repressive state apparatus against political and social protest, including the use of secret courts, spying, and torture in secret prisons. Far from being unique crimes, Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Prisons are just grim examples of this widespread reality.

Parliamentary institutions increasingly erode into ineffectuality with plagues of corruption, succumbing to dependence upon executive powers. Which often order them to increasingly accord more power to the executive, or contain anti-democratic mechanisms that weaken them as Senates.

For a century and a half, social democrats, reformists, and even many who are associated with radical social theories have told us that it is possible to evolve towards more democratic goals.

At the time of the rise of capitalism, some evolutionary victories were achieved in a handful of countries (some as the sub-product of the revolutionary struggles). However, while attaining universal voting rights, voting rights for women, the eight-hour workday, agrarian reform in some countries, and other democratic rights—these rights were soon trampled underfoot as the bourgeoisie witnessed signs of weakness or indecision in the mass movement. For at their first opportunity, the bourgeoisie will retract the same democratic rights they were once forced to grant.

We revolutionaries have no illusions that participating in the limited instances where capitalist governments allow workers democratic access while the general masses can provide them with the fulfillment of their revolutionary objectives more than temporarily. Much less that such participation can bring about the structural changes necessary to end the rule of capital. They do not even allow a minimal influence in the political system. However, neither do we oppose the struggle in such arenas if it is necessary or possible in order to explain the necessity of the destruction of capitalism.

Militarization in Mexico

The Collapse of Bourgeois Democracy

Militarization and dictatorship in Philippines

In summary, revolutionaries must participate in every existing vestige of democracy (elections, parliaments, freedom of the press however restricted, unions, etc.) by proposing democratic and transitional demands—as long as they realize the limitations of these struggles. Their awareness should also note their subordination to the extra parliamentary actions of the working class and its allies—which all electoral and democratic struggles should serve to strengthen. Revolutionaries must denounce bourgeois democracy and patiently explain socialism’s intricacies and how we get there.

The future of world`s political systems are heading towards the ubiquitous enthronization of dictatorships, and the complete demise of bourgeois democracy. The banners of real democracy, workers democracy based on democratic institutions of the working class, must be unfurled against both existing dictatorships and those dictatorships disguised as “democracies.” #US #Democracy #Dictatorship #China #Socialism #Elections Related article:

“It`s a Wonderful World?” PART II: The Murdering of Planet Earth
By Carlos Petroni

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