PDFs of Marx & Engels’ Collected Works
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PDFs of Marx & Engels’ Collected Works

Note: I’m not hosting any of this content, and don’t know who is.

VolumePublication Year.
Volume 1(M) August 1835-March 1843.1975
Volume 2(E) August 1838-December 1842.1975
Volume 3(M) March 1843-Aug 1844. (E) May 1843-June 1844.1975
Volume 4(M/E) 1844-45, incl. Holy Family & Condition of Working Class1975
Volume 5(M/E) April 1845-April 1847, including German Ideology.1975
Volume 6(M/E) 1845-48, including Poverty of Philosophy and Manifesto1976
Volume 7(M/E) 1848, articles for Neue Rheinische Zeitung.1977
Volume 8(M/E) 1848-49, articles from Neue Rheinische Zeitung.1977
Volume 9(M/E) 1849, articles from Neue Rheinische Zeitung.1977
Volume 10(M/E) 1849-51, including Peasant War in Germany1978
Volume 11(M/E) 1851-53, including Eighteenth Brumaire1979
Volume 12(M/E) 1853-54, mainly on British Colonialism.1979
Volume 13(M/E) 1854-55, re Revolutionary Spain and Crimean War.1980
Volume 14(M/E) 1855-56, incl. material on British politics and Crimean War.1980
Volume 15(M/E) 1856-58, mainly Europe and India.1986
Volume 16(M/E) 1858-60, mainly events in Europe1980
Volume 17(M/E) 1859-60, including Herr Vogt and military matters.1981
Volume 18(M/E) 1857-62, Articles for Encyclopaedia.1987
Volume 19(M/E) 1861-64, including material on American Civil War1984
Volume 20(M/E) 1864-68, including Value, Prices and Profit.1985
Volume 21(M/E) 1867-70, re International Workingmen's Association.1985
Volume 22(M/E) 1870-71, re Fanco-Prussian War.1986
Volume 23(M/E) 1871-74, re International, Bakunin, Housing Question.1988
Volume 24(M/E) 1874-83, Crit. / Gotha Prog. & Utopian & Scientific1989
Volume 25(E) Anti-Dühring, Dialectics of Nature1987
Volume 26(E) 1882-89, including Origin of the Family, etc1990
Volume 27(E) 1890-95, re Europe.1990
Volume 28(M) Economic Works, 1857-18611986
Volume 29(M) Economic Works, 1857-18611987
Volume 30(M) Economic Works, 1861-18631988
Volume 31(M) 1861-63, Economic Manuscripts1989
Volume 32(M) 1861-63, Economic Manuscripts1989
Volume 33(M) 1861-63, Economic Manuscripts1991
Volume 34(M) Economic Works, 1861-18641994
Volume 35(M) Capital, Volume I1996
Volume 36(M) Capital, Volume II1997
Volume 37(M) Capital, Volume III1998
Volume 38(M/E) 1844-51, Letters1982
Volume 39(M/E) 1852-55, Letters1983
Volume 40(M/E) 1856-59, Letters1983
Volume 41(M/E) 1860-64, Letters1985
Volume 42(M/E) 1864-68, Letters1987
Volume 43(M/E) 1868-70, Letters1988
Volume 44(M/E) 1870-73, Letters1989
Volume 45(M/E) 1874-79, Letters1991
Volume 46(M/E) 1880-83, Letters1992
Volume 47(E) 1883-86, Letters1995
Volume 48(E) 1887-90, Letters2001
Volume 49(E) 1890-92, Letters2001

For Volume 50 - Engels Letters October 1892 to July 1895: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/cw/volume50/index.htm

The source for the description of content for each of the 49 volumes above is from www.marxists.org

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